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Three cheeses of your choice (taken from our extensive range) presented in a basket  and all securely wrapped in a gift setting.
Gift set number 1
3 cheeses of your choice (from our extensive range) presented on our rectangular cheese board (made of sustainable wood and coated in vegetable oil) together with our signature cheese knife. A wonderful and highly original Christmas present.
Gift set number 2
This beautiful cheese board is made from sustainable wood and is coated with vegetable oil. It is also suitable for food preparation. It measures approximately 22 cms (8.5 inches) x 11 cms (4.5 inches).
Rectangular cheese board
This beautiful board is made from sustainable wood and coated with vegetable oil. it is also suitable for food preparation. it measures approximately 19cms (7.5 inches) x 19cms (7.5 inches)
Square cheese board
A  Christmas special, a delicious cheese combining the fruityl taste of juicy cranberries with Kirsch. A  really good Christmas gift or just buy it for yourself.
Cranberry and Kirsch (Christmas special)
Our delicious cheese is now made even better with the addition of natural horseradish into it.
Two flavours combine to give a deliciously smooth cheese.
Roast Onion and Garlic
The juicy cranberries combine with Wenslydale to give a truly delicious cheese.
Wenslydale with Cranberry (Christmas special)
The original cheese, the one you love, crumbly, delicious and simple.
Crumbly Lancashire