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The names says it all, we combine the famous Japanese cooking sauce with the classic garlic taste
Teriyaki and Garlic
Yes, as the name suggests, this is a black cheese throughout. It's a cheddar with the addition of activated charcoal.
Old King Coal
This is the original mature cheddar, tasting exactly as you would expect. Strong and satisfying.
Mature Cheddar
A  fine cheddar cheese lovingly smoked over spruce in the makers own smokehouse.
Smoked Cheddar
The original cheese, the one you love, crumbly, delicious and simple.
Crumbly Lancashire
This is one to be avoided, unless you love heat!
Flamin eck
Yes, that's right! It really does taste like a pizza, has to be tasted to be believed!
Pizza Cheese
A delicious Red Leicester 100% matured cheese. Satisfying and versatile
Red Crunch
Our delicious cheese is now made even better with the addition of natural horseradish into it.