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Yes, that's right! It really does taste like a pizza, has to be tasted to be believed!
Pizza Cheese
Lancashire cheese flavoured with red onion chutney and red wine, luxurious, smooth and tasty.
Lancashire Cheese with Red wine and caramelised red onion chutney
A delicious and slightly stronger Lancashire cheese with a kick.
Mature Lancashire
A  traditional Lancashire cheese filled with juicy sultanasand cinnamon.
Imagine a sticky toffee flavour in a cheese, well this one splits opinion, should you put it on a cracker or pour custard over it? We suggest the cracker!
Sticky Toffee cheese (yes, you did read that correctly)
What a combination, sweet pickle inside a red cheddar, satisfying and tangy.
Red Cheddar and Sweet Pickle
Cheddar cheese flavoured with fresh lime and just a hint of chilli.
Lime and Chilli
A smooth creamy cheese with the taste of real whisky in it, too good to be true? Try it and see!
The famous Yorkshire cheese takes on a new identity with the addition of  stem ginger.
Wenslydale with ginger